Phoenix, Bettman, both suck.

The Phoenix Coyotes are an embarrassment to professional hockey. Worse, the commissioner of the NHL is an embarrassment to professional sports, business, and even general logic.

This story outlines the fact that hockey has unequivocally failed in the desert. Here are some quick stats for those uninterested in reading the article: All tickets for the home opener were $25 (the only reason it sold well), the second game drew only 6,899 fans, there will be a promotion where if the team wins certain games, then free tickets are given away.

This reeks of failure and desperation, and that is an ugly scent for Gary Bettman to wear. Time to send the Coyotes back to Winnipeg, or Quebec City, or even Hamilton.

If the Coyotes have to give away tickets to attract fans, then they are clearly not a viable business. If the crazy French teams in the LNAH ( are making more money than you, that’s how you know you’re failing as an NHL team.

It’s obviously embarrassing for Bettman to admit that his pet projects in the southern US are failing, but for the sake of the sport he needs to admit he was wrong to over expand the league into places where nobody cares about hockey, and put teams back in places that will care.

The joke’s over. Time to go watch Bon Cop Bad Cop and dream of what may become of Bettman one day.


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  1. Whats the Coyotes record right now? I also think I watched them beat Detroit the other night.
    Who’s the joke now? Still Bettman of course….and you.

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