Brodeur: The Greatest to Ever Play the Game

For those of you who agree the with title, read no further. For those of you who disagree with the title, get serious.

I am writing this brief article in response to a segment that I saw on The Score, whereby you could visit some silly social media site and post whether you thought Brodeur was the greatest goalie to ever play the game. My first thought was how bush league The Score was because no one would ever disagree that he is the greatest goalie ever. However, it turns out that Steve Denby from Small Town, Nova Scotia (fabricated name and location – but you get the idea) believes otherwise. Assuming that Mr. Denby is just the tip of an iceberg of idiots I became overwhelmed with rage, thus forming the stimulus for me to shed a bit of light on this issue.

I create a summary of what I believe to be some key statistics for Brodeur, Roy and Sawchuk (see below). In five of the seven categories Brodeur takes the cake. Also, consider that in the context of some other useful statistics:

  • Brodeur has never had a save percentage under 0.900
  • Brodeur has never have a GAA over 2.60
  • Brodeur did not breed uncontrollable rage into his offspring, causing them to skate the full length of the ice, massacre an innocent goalie, and then go to the US to pursue a country singing career.

Brodeur 1

Team Canada 2010 Hockey Roster Just Released!!!

Heals’ Team Canada Picks:
Almost nothing in the hockey world is harder to do than pare the Canadian Olympic Hockey camp down to one team. So why not let this guy take a stab at it?

Above all, Canada should opt for youth. Ideally you sacrifice as little experience as possible, but when all is said and done – let the kids play.

Goalie: Marc-Andre Fleury, Martin Broduer, Roberto Luongo (starter) – It’s Bobby Lou’s time to shine. By February he will have hit his stride, and since his NHL club plays in the host city you know that he is champing at the bit to get this job and play out of his skull.

Major Cuts: Steve Mason – could be playing better this year, plenty of good years ahead of him though.

Dan Boyle/Chris Pronger – Boyle is having a monster year, Pronger thrives in international play, they makes for a solid top pair.

Dion Phaneuf/Duncan Keith – This pair has the youth Canada should be looking for. Phaneuf brings the physical presence and Keith has the solid all around game.

Drew Doughty/Robyn Regehr – Giving Doughty experience is of paramount importance. He is one of the best young defensemen in the NHL and the future of Canada’s defense corps, pair him with the reliable and consistent Regehr and you have a solid third pair.

Mike Green (extra) – Not quite having the year he did last year, but is still incredibly good. Power play specialist and insurance policy for the Doughty experiment.

Major cuts: Shea Weber – having a rough year, Scott Niedermayer – too old, Jay Bouwmeester – meh.


There will be no love between Staal and Malkin at the Canada-Russia game... oh wait. Staal won't be there. Same goes for the blonde bimbo.
There will be no love between Staal and Malkin at the Canada-Russia game... oh wait. Staal won't be there. Same goes for the blonde bimbo.

Rick Nash/Sidney Crosby/Jerome Iginla – This line has a bit of everything, size, playmaking, physical presence, shooting, defensive ability.

Dany Heatley/Joe Thornton/Partick Marleau – Call me crazier than the whole Tiger Woods incident, but these three are absolutely tearing up the league, so why not put them on a line… together they have 104 points in 87 games, averaging 1.19 points per game. Good?

Patrick Sharp/Ryan Getzlaf/Corey Perry – when players play well together on club teams it should not go overlooked. Getzlaf could be scoring more, but he’s one of the best centres around. He and Perry are a dynamic duo and Sharp’s solid play should allow him to fit in.

Brenden Morrow/Mike Richards/Jonathon Toews – Best shutdown line ever assembled? Three captains, stupid amounts of leadership, penalty killing and scoring prowess.

Steven Stamkos (extra) – Give the kid some experience.

Major Cuts: Vinny Lecavalier – brutal year, Martin St. Louis – no Lecavlier, no point, Eric Staal – just a bad year for a good player,  Shane Doan – on pace for a career lows,  Andy Macdonald – just kidding, he had no chance.