The Sterling clause

Man. Sometimes a story just has legs. Move over, never-ending Malaysian plane story because this Sterling joker is gettin’ more than his 15 minutes of fame on this one.

I won’t recap what we all know, because I haven’t posted here in a while, and if I get into writing a recap I’ll be up past my bed time.  In fact, I’m going just to run this one real quick and dirty. Pure, unadulterated, Head over Heals content.

So here we go. Donald Sterling’s punishment should be simple. And I realized I had to post it now, because people already started stealing my idea! Sort of. (note to self: always tweet all ideas right away, what could possibly go wrong?)

Anyway. It goes like this: To make up for Sterling’s gongshow racism why don’t we simply have the NBA mandate that he give every player on the roster the option of becoming a free agent.

YES. I am aware that is what the Rockets owner Leslie Alexander says we should do – I linked to it – but mine has a diabolical little twist at the end.

Buy all the contracts out first.

I’m going to get super lazy here, but if we take a rudimentary look at it here… just Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, that’s  5 years at $107 million, and 5 years at $94 million.

Those contracts were signed last year, so if we’re going to just ballpark it, that’s roughly $200 mil over 10 years. But they’ve each already played a year so call it roughly $160 million owing.

And then there’s all the other scrubs making a half million here, $6 million there.

There is no chance I am going to investigate all the Clippers’ players contracts… But you get the idea. It’d be a lot of cash to drop. Hell, even if it was at 50% it’d be a lot.

Now Sterling is rich as they come, but maybe, just maybe if he had to cover loses like that, he would have to sell the team (to Magic!) and call it a day.

Boom. Sterling out.

Yeah. I get it. That might not be in the NBA charter, or whatever… It’s just an idea, but a penalty like that is sharper than Wisconsin cheddar. And I’d be willing to bet it would make a couple of shitbag owners re-think just how racist they’re going to be in the future.